Furniture covers

Should outdoor furniture be covered ?

Outdoor furniture covers are usually made of waterproof material. However, no matter how well the covers are made, water can still find its way in, either through zippers or seams. Water condensation will also form inside because of temperature change. Contrary to their intended purpose, furniture covers trap moisture inside and prevent it from getting dry. Subsequently, Mold and other problems will arise.

Furthermore, if your outdoor dining set or sofas are covered all the time, you are less likely to use them, because of the hassle of having to remove the cover and the need to clean them before every use.

At Blume Living, all our outdoor furniture is made to withstand the outdoor elements, so our advice is to let furniture breathe and get dry naturally in the air. Give it a wipe if you want to use it when it is still wet. If cushions are made of Quick Dry Foam, they can also be left outside even when it rains.