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About us : Blume Living has been supplying patio furniture since 2008. When Blume Living started out, our customers were primarily domestic customers in Hong Kong. In 2011, we combined different colour wickers to create pattern for chairs. We patented these colourful chairs and showcased them at the HK Convention & Exhibition Centre. With these chairs, Blume Living was able to launch into the hospitality industry.

Launch into Hospitality Industry

In early 2012, we made our first delivery to a restaurant, Innside Out Bar & Grill in Causeway Bay. The same year, Blume Living also received our first hotel order from Angsana Hotel in Phuket. Since then Blume Living have supplied to many high end hotels, many of them are newly built in Thailand. That lead us to set up an operation in Thailand also.

Throughout the years, we have been working closely with designers to develop signature pieces for many new hotels. As a result, Blume Living now carries an extensive range of garden furniture which is leading in both design trend and material innovation.

Furthermore, all hotel projects have very high quality requirements. To fulfil such high standard, we have been conducting vigorous testing on our products.  These testing regimes help to ensure all our furniture and umbrellas are of premium quality.

Factory Direct

Blume Living is made up of four factories. Each specializes in different type of products : Garden Furniture, Umbrellas, Planters and Street Furniture. Since we are factory direct supplier, our prices are competitive. In addition, if there is any manufacturing issue, we can address them efficiently and directly with our factories.

Blume Living will continue to develop and explore new materials and create interesting designs to excite our customers.

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Blume Living - about us
Blume Living – about us