Materials - Powder coating

The Process

Powder coating is a process in which paint in dry powder form is sprayed evenly onto metal surfaces. They are then be put inside a furnace to be cured under high temperature.

Our powder coating can apply to both aluminum and stainless steel frames, tubes or tabletops.

Environmental Friendly

As with any painting job, in order for the paint to last for a long time without peeling, it is important for the metal surface to be sanded and cleaned properly. The surface must be free of dirt or grease and completely dry before each application .

The cleaning process involves 4 stages:

  1.  Dip the frames in water to remove any dirt.
  2.  Dip in chemical solution to remove any grease.
  3.  Dip in water again to remove residue of the chemical solution.
  4.  Air dry completely

At Blume Living, the water and chemical solutions being used are recycled within a closed circuit system. Clean water will be generated at the end of each cycle and will be used once again. No dirty water or pollution is being released into the environment.

Will the colour Fades Away ?

Powder coating is a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Our coating is outdoor quality which can withstand the harsh natural elements including UV light.

In Blume Living, we apply 2 layers of powder coating to ensure optimal protection for our frames and surfaces.

In addition powder coatings that are in matt finish can adhere to surfaces much better, therefore most of our coating are in matt finish.