Lounge Seating

Lounge seating : 2 & 3 seater and modular units for L- shape or U shape sofa sets. If you are looking for traditional resort style or contemporary designs, you will find one that suits your taste.

Traditionally, furniture for lounge seating uses PE wicker weaving around a metal frame. PE wicker does deteriorate under UV & heat. causing breakage. Some may last a couple of years , some last just a few months. The problem is, it is very hard to tell from looking at the piece to judge if it is going to last years or months. It really depends on the what they use to make the wicker. Who will know ? Not the furniture shop. Not the furniture factory. It is the factory who made the wicker, as they will know what they put into the drum.

Recently, many outdoor furniture designs have opted to use materials like polyester webbing & cord which are traditionally used in ship building. These materials can withstand outdoor elements and durable. Making these materials good alternative for PE rattan / wicker.

To prevent outdoor furniture from blowing away by strong wind, some people have resorted to increasing its weight or even bolt it onto the ground. If wind can blow through the furniture, there is no need to fight against it. Furniture using webbing and chord is light weight, but more importantly, it allows wind to blow through it. Making it ideal for strong wind condition.