Lounge Seating

Blume Living carry large range of 2 & 3 seater and modular sofa units for lounge seating.

Traditionally, furniture for lounge seating uses PE wicker weaving around a metal frame. PE wicker does deteriorate under UV & heat, causing breakage. Some may last a couple of years , some last just a few months. The problem is, it is very hard to tell from looking at the piece to judge if it is going to last for years or just a few months. It really depends on the what they use to make the wicker. Who will know ? Not the furniture shop. Not the furniture factory. It is the factory who made the wicker, as they will know what they put into the drum in making the wicker. So it makes sense to avoid rattan furniture altogether.

Since 2013, Blume Living have been using materials like polyester webbing & cord in our furniture designs. Polyester webbings and cords are traditionally used in shipbuilding. These materials can withstand outdoor elements and are extremely durable. Making these materials a better alternative to PE rattan / wicker.

Using webbings or cords in an open weave creates no wind resistance, so strong wind has very little effect on them. So they are ideal for your windy rooftop. However, you do need to bring all the cushions and pillows inside though.