Outdoor Tables

Blume Living supplies our outdoor tables to restaurants, hotels and domestic customers. For hospitality industry, it is important to choose a outdoor tables with a top which is hygienic and easy to clean. Ceramic, HPL (High Pressure Laminate), polywood slats, Corian are good choices for restaurant. One also need to consider if the table need to be move around often, as it is very often required. Then a light weight material is  recommended. HPL and polywood is a good pick for this purpose.

Ceramic table top is essentially a thin layer of ceramic on top of a tempered glass. The ceramic layer insulates the glass from getting too hot from the sun light.

If a synesthetic (PE) wicker / rattan table is preferred, most often you will add a glass top for obvious reason. Please be aware that glass under sun light can get very hot which causes 2 problems :

    1. It will make wicker underneath this glass top to become brittle, thus breakage occurs.
    2. The glass itself will break : if it is  tempered glass, it will shatter;  if it is not tempered, it will crack.

Whether you are looking for outdoor tables for your restaurant or for your garden / roof top, take a look at our large collection. May it be square, rectangular,  round  or folding outdoor table that you are looking for, you will certainly find one suitable from our wide range of selection. We also do custom size for project work. Please contact us at 25643499 or email : sales@blume-living.com. We will be happy to assist you.