Innside Out request :  Chairs not be too comfortable .   WHY ?    

Innside Out Bar & Grill is the first restaurant Blume Living supply our furniture to. Prior to that, Our clients are mainly domestic customers. It was a substantial order with few hundred chairs & tables. I can still remember my excitement on delivery day.

In 2011, trying to get into the hospitality industry, I created a chair collection by weaving together a few colourful wickers and booked a booth at #Restaurant & Bar exhibition in the convention Centre. The owner of El Grande Group came by and thought the chairs were most suited for one of their restaurants which was in needed of a revamp. Innside Out had stripy awning in blue/ white, so we custom made our chairs in blue / white to match.

Innside out was giving out complimentary bar snack (peanut in shell) to each table at the time. Knowing their customers would only order 1 or 2 drinks, they didn’t want them to consume too many free peanuts, they specially asked that we made the chair not too comfortable, and we complied. The back rest of these chairs are half way up your back, you can feel the top part if you lean back.

Anyhow, Innside Out is a great place to enjoy a few beers and watch a game with your mates. Just don’t eat too much peanuts !

I believe they are happy with our service and the “Not Too Comfortable” chairs, the group continue to order from us for other restaurants.