Center Pole Umbrella - DeluxeCenter Pole Umbrella - Deluxe

Centre Pole Umbrella – deluxe

Available colour : Please refer to “materials” section.

Product Description:

  • Aluminium pole & ribs in matte finish.
  • Aluminium U-bracket on runner & hub, which allows rib to be replaced individually.
  • Rib end with aluminium pocket and calf leather triangle.
  • Pulley system.
  • Canopy in 350g polyester fabric.
  • Prices include a Granite base : round or square

Differences between “standard” & “deluxe” umbrellas :

  • Deluxe umbrellas are heavy duty, suitable for strong wind condition & commercial use.
  • Deluxe : allow each rib be replaced individually, making future maintenance easier.
  • Bigger canopy is possible for Deluxe umbrella.

Product Price: HKD 3,990